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Since 2012 we've been building companies and real businesses on the Amazon platform. While others jumped around, we mastered.


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ASINspector Academy

How to get your first sales in days if not hours, and get expert Amazon seller training from our  in-house 7 & 8 figure Amazon sellers. Since 2012 we have been building Amazon stores selling FBA and FBM. 1000's of students have trained with us and now you can too!

  • What the @#$ do I sell!?

    No matter what kind of seller you are, this is the biggest question we face, and the one we handle the most in our training. 80% of the success you'll have selling on Amazon comes from knowing the 3 things we teach you in the Pro Academy. These 3 secrets help you know with 80% accuracy what the @#$ to sell in your business!

  • Continuous education for beginners to experts

    Results are all that matters when selling eCommerce online. We won't bore you with how great we are. Instead we'll show you how great at Amazon selling you can be! Instructions on how to do things step-by-step with weekly Q&A sessions to make sure, in a loving but firm way, you get it done!

  • Build. Grow. Scale. Sell.

    Everyone dreams about winning the lottery. No one dreams that building their business could be building their very own lottery. Our training will help you to build a real business, that can sell for real ROI (2-5x what it's worth!) making you a real cash out opportunity!

  • Opportunities to build a lifestyle business

    Over 24,000 sellers make $1M gross revenues on Amazon every year. That's average. After all fees, and what's called triple NET, those sellers can take home $150-200k. Amazing right? That's a lifestyle business you can run from anywhere, and we show you how in the Pro Academy!

Our Problem Free Philosophy

Oh yeah, we just quoted The Lion King

Look, not everyone can be a lion. But there's not reason you need to be a sheep either. We've seen 19 year old high school drop outs break 7-figures a month. We've seen 72 year old Grandmas break 6-figures a year in retirement. The truth is, only you can determine where your place in the pride is. We can help you reveal who you are, but only you can determine how high you want to go. It's up to you. Are you ready to see what you're made of?

  • Build A Real Sustainable & Sellable Buisness

    Sure retail arbitrage, wholesale and drop shipping work now. But since 2012 we've been building real sustainable businesses that are time tested. There's only one way to truly sell and scale on Amazon, without facing the "Amazon Slap" so many resellers will face. Become a seller, and enjoy the long term benefits of a stable business!

  • Learn From The Trenches

    Unfortunately, in todays online climate it's very hard to validate who is real, who is fake, who is scamming and who is seriously doing the work. As the only Shark Tank validated business training course, we feel we're pretty vetted when it comes to knowing a thing or two about Amazon. Plus, we have trained so many people to success we can't even list them all. Are you our next case study? Our next successful student? Come on in and let's find out if you've got what it takes!

  • Build Your Business With Like Minded Sellers

    One of the most powerful things we have discovered, is those who join a training and participate in the weekly calls and encourage others, are themselves encouraged to do better. We have also seen many of our students find partners, join-ventures and business deals that propelled their businesses to tremendously powerful outcomes. Could you be one of those people? Let's find out!

  • Get started. Find Your Seat. Bring The Heat.

    Here's the truth of the matter. If you're reading this, then you're a serious player looking to find something wrong with what we're doing here at ASINspector. The truth is, you're not going to know until you join. Take the leap of faith, join the new member orientation calls, join a LIVE Academy workshop call, ask some questions and seriously VET OUR KNOWLEDGE.

Frequently Asked Questions

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"We were only selling low 5 figures until we started working with Neil & Reed. After month 5 we broke $64,000 a month in revenues. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Matt D.

7-Figure Student

"These guys helped me build my business to $1M a month in only 6 months! (Results not typical) Actually it was $3M but who's counting."


Matt H.

8-Figure Student

"This is the real deal. 4 years after starting to work with Neil & Reed I'm still making $400k a year. Nearly on autopilot! Best training I've ever taken."

Corey B.

6-Figure Student


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